Rants on Creepy Things

Lyss, Autumn, and Kayla's rants on things that we are not okay with or would do in relation to things that we find creepy and or odd. The three of us attended the same high school so we might post about similar topics. We might post commentary on cheesy horror movies in addition to our rants, or share personal experiences with the paranormal.

Autumn is the one that normally would do these types of things such as attempting to contact spirits. She would be the one to do anything that seems like it might be fun and worth it.
Kayla is in the middle of the opinions. She is more cautious on what actions she will take when dealing with paranormal things, but will be an active and willing participant.
Lyss is the one who would typically not do any of these things. She believed that these things could result in her being haunted for life. She will support the activities, and likes the stories, but would rather not be present.
~ Friday, June 1 ~

The Island of the Dolls

A place I never want to go. As anyone can tell, I am not that fond of dolls especially old dolls. Since this Island in Mexico is covered in dolls, it is not a place for me. I became alerted to this island when it was on an episode of Destination Truth. From that point on it is on my list of places that I never want to go to. 

The thing that creeps me out the most, however, is what if you were walking through the forests of Mexico and suddenly you stumble upon this area of dolls everywhere. It is just creepy. The story behind the Island is that a father lost his daughter. He claimed that she haunted the River so he would leave dolls at the edge of the river every day for her to play with. Now whenever someone goes to the island they bring another doll to string up in a tree or leave on the ground. Most of the dolls are missing limbs and are broken. This is just creepy and weird.

This is on my list of places that I am not okay with.

Tags: island of the dolls nightmare fuel creepy horror real locations creepy dolls destination truth i just don't understand why this is the popular thing to do now haunted haunted island
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    This looks like a piece of forest in my hometown that I stumbled upon and never want to return.
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    This looks like a place someone would leave a body on Criminal Minds. I’ll be avoiding it.
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    You see, if you show me the top ten scariest movies of all time compaired to a movie with dolls in it, I would flip my...
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